Thursday, February 3, 2011


HI EVERYONE-Yesterday about 2 pm it really started to get a lot colder.  I had the wood stove blazing away all day but I noticed the cold in the kitchen.  So decided it was a great time to bake some cookies.  The first choice was a cookie recipe made with Bisquick from Taste of Home web site.  The choice was No-Fuss Peanut Butter Cookies.   I "Tweaked" a low fat version of a BAKING MIX and came out with a version that comes out with a product superior to any low fat version I had used. 
I came up with another different version, that has not been posted yet, to add a little fiber.  In the recipes for my PLAIN  BAKING MIX   replace 1 cup of unbleached flour with 1 cup of WHEAT BRAN.
These Peanut Butter Cookies were yummy and so easy and quick to make.  The little bit of sugar on top just added that little touch.
The next batch I made were a CHOCOLATE CHIP Cookie from Betty Crocker Web Page. They also were made with my BAKING MIX.  I ran out of butter and used baking margarine. The recipe said you could use either butter or margarine.  This recipe really needed the flavor of the butter. They were good, but next time will make them with butter.   

As I baked and did some other cooking, I noticed my windows were freezing up. They are still frozen today and it is 11:48 and 1 degree outside. BURRRRR

Fritz my young doxie has the right idea! Time for my snack, think I will join him and have another peanut butter cookie today and retreat to my chair by the wood stove and embroider. 
Stay Warm Everyone!!
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