Tuesday, February 15, 2011


My Valentines day consisted of going to the doctors and getting some medication for a sinus infection.  It was really sweet of my husband to go in with me, since the the doctor is relatively new to me.  Some how men understand men.  He sweetly related to the doctor how I have been for the last month.
So my valentines present was some expensive medication instead of perfume, roses, or cards.  If it heals this infection it will be a very appreciated valentines present.
My daughter sent me some pictures of their fun day.  This is so precious of my mother-in-law getting to enjoy her great grand daughter's cookie making.
Here she is having a great time making cookies.  Hard to imagine that just 2 weeks ago she was in the hospital with pneumonia.  The Lord is so good to us.
How about this cookie mom.
These look really yummy.
 Cassie's daddy and his whole family love cookies.  This makes a swell present for him for Valentines day.  Especially when it comes from the ones that love you!
Hope you all had a good day yesterday.