Tuesday, April 16, 2013


My son and I went to California to get his kids and bring them back to Arizona for his 10 day visit time.  His wife kept him from seeing them for 6 months.  Check your laws, and see what happens when a spouse leaves and takes the kids.  You really have no rights without a divorce according to the police.
After picking them up we got to have a late Christmas.  The kids were very excited.  CLICK ON PICTURE TO MAKE LARGER.
Then we all went to the park for an Easter Egg hunt.  The girl in front is my oldest daughter girl and the one behind is son's youngest.  They are racing to find the most Easter treats.  My son was making up for the holidays he had not been able to be with his family.
After the hunt the youngest girls were having fun blowing bubbles.  These two cousins are only a year apart.  We hardly saw them at my daughters house, as they played from morning till night together.
The guys were trying to fly a kite.  It looks like a falcon.
 Getting ready to run with the kite.
The oldest boy has got the kite in the air.
This kite looks like a real bird flying in the air.
more pictures of kite flying below.
More pictures of the park below.  My daughter got some really great pictures.
All of us playing soccer below.

Next day we went to see my mom.  She had not seen the kids for a few years. I am standing next to my mom.  She will be 82 this year.
after returning to AZ, the second boy was enjoying riding his bike at our home in AZ.  He could really go fast on it.
The youngest girl was enjoying using her Easter grass to make hair and beard.  She had so much fun doing this.  We all got a good laugh out of it.
One of the days the kids were here they woke up to snow.  The youngest is so proud of her snow balls.
Wish I had taken more pictures, but I was too busy just enjoying having them here.

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