Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Spring is in the air.  Outside in my front yard is 3 apple trees.  One is in full bloom.  It looked so beautiful this morning.
 Last Friday our church had a ladies night out.  We celebrated our spiritual birthdays.  We had some really good food to eat too.
 We are playing bingo but not with numbers but with a variety of statements about home, hair, children, etc. etc.
Marsha is enjoying finding the statements that apply to her  to get a bingo. 
Jane had a variety of items to describe our walk with the Lord after salvation. It was amazing with the items she came up with that applied.
We had a great evening of fellowship.  I have not laughed so much in a long time.  Laughter is good for the soul.
This morning I captured one of the birds that are in the area sitting on the roof.
I do not know much about birds.  I do not even know what this bird is.  There are several around the house.  They have nests all over the area here.
I love hearing them sing and chirp in the morning.
Have a great day and God bless.

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