Sunday, January 12, 2014


The last outfits I sewed my grand daughter intrigued her. She was use to her mom going to the store and buying her clothes.  She could not figure out how Nana could make skirts and tops.  she asked mom how I did it.  So here is how I do it Cassaundra.

 photo 003_zpsc466ae9b.jpg
You start by using math to see how much material you need for each piece to sew a skirt that will fit Cassaundra.  Then you cut out your pieces according to that math.  So make sure you learn your math.  You use math in all kinds of ways.  Nana is sure glad she learned math so she could cook, sew, and do all kinds of things.

 photo 005_zps416bdde7.jpg
I then find thread that matches the material.  I thread my sewing machine.  Then I begin to sew your skirt.

 photo 006_zps050b20fb.jpg
Then Nana turns down a measured section to sew.  Through that section Nana will put the elastic so your skirt will stay on.

 photo 008_zps988f36a2.jpg
Then Nana takes the material and starts to put it together by sewing a seam down the sides.  The seams holds the skirt together.

 photo 009_zpsbb97388c.jpg
Then Nana stitches very large stitches so that she can gather the sheer material to add to the purple material.

 photo 011_zpsfbb88696.jpg
Then Nana pins the gathered sheer material to the purple material. Nana then uses her sewing machine to connect and hold the pieces together again.

 photo 015_zpsb3c8bc80.jpg
Nana has now finished sewing all pieces together and here is the skirt that I made for you.