Wednesday, May 7, 2014


rock hounding in desert 1 photo 007_zps036a0d3d.jpg
 Today we went out to look for petrified wood in the desert. Of course we live in the high desert so we are use to desert areas. I still find them fascinating.
 photo 008_zps206b61ef.jpg
If you look right in the middle of the picture you can make out a green area down in a ravine. The ravine is the little Colorado river. It looked so pretty against the background of the reddish rocks and earth.
 photo 010_zps703c81fc.jpg
We are headed back to the road and it is along a ravine where the Little Colorado River flows. We are traveling along the edges of it. We are not on any road, we are using a 4X4 to travel to areas where petrified wood is found.
 photo 013_zps759d7b2d.jpg
 This is a closer look at the ravine. It is deeper than it looks. My honey jokingly told me I should go out on one of the boulders closer to the edge to take a picture. Of course he was teasing as I have problems with heights. So this is as close as I can get to take a picture. The rocks were unique looking, or at least I thought so. It was a fun trip. I did not do much rock hounding as it turned really windy. My allergies this time of year and the wind do not go together. So my dog and I sat in the car for most of the time. I enjoyed looking at the sky, clouds and the scenery.

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