Friday, July 4, 2014


Today we celebrate the 4th of July and my husbands birthday.  We have grown children, two in California and one living near here and working tonight.  They are not able to be with us so, my husband and I celebrated both occasions in a simple fashion.  We stayed home and enjoyed each others company.  My husband needed the simple rest day as he has worked 7 days a week in the evening doing his cleaning job. One of his job's is at the Forest Departments Dispatch office.  With the fires and so many workers there, the building had to be cleaned every evening.  In case you are wondering the fires are under control right now.

We did go to town and buy a new printer today, along with medication, and some groceries for our simple celebration.
It had cooled down to 61 degrees with the clouds so I was able to bake a cake.  It is a carrot cake, hubbies favorite.  I made just half of the recipe since it was just the two of us.  This cake has a secret ingredient of tomato soup and so easy to make.  For Recipe CLICK HERE
I made a low calorie cream cheese frosting for this cake.  I used half the recipe for this too.

I decided to keep the cake in the glass baking dish to keep it moist. It will take us a few days to eat all of it .  I sprinkled some walnuts on top.  Does't it just look so pretty.
Dear hubby splurged and bought steak to BBQ. Very glad the rain held off and we were able to BBQ.   I also baked some french bread for our celebration dinner.
Hubby is looking forward to his dinner, and so am I.
  It was so good.  The steak was worth every penny.  We had steak, baked potato, green salad with homemade ranch dressing, and homemade french bread.
The cake will be later of course.
We will put our feet up in our chairs and watch a little TV and just enjoy each other.
I hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July as we will.

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