Friday, August 22, 2014


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 Yes we are moving in September. We are going to help my husbands mother. She is 86 now and needs some assistance so she can live by herself as she wants to do. I packed for one week and then got an infection in my foot. 

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 I spent a week not able to do anything but soak my foot 5 times a day, take medication, and keep my foot elevated. It sure is hard to sit when you have all these boxes around and still needing to pack. Today was a different story. I was able to do a lot of packing.
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While on Pinterest I found a VERY neat way of packing. Using plastic wrap to wrap things with. Pinterest information used it on silverware holders. I took it to a whole new level. I wrapped containers that have lost their lid hooking ability over the years. Not only that, but once these items are stacked on top of each other they do not move. I thought that would be great for moving in a truck and a long distance. I have used the plastic wrap on containers with pens and pencils, my pattern weight holders, and a whole lot more.  No having to tape things that would be hard to get the tape off.  Also used it to wrap my vanity bench that lifts up to store things in.  I will use this to keep drawers in chest of drawers, etc.  So if you have to move give it a try.
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Here is the result of my afternoons work in my craft storage area. Everything is ready to move in this room. Tomorrow is more packing but at least I am making some head way. 
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