Monday, November 17, 2014


This is the third move in 3 years. I should be getting pretty good at this. We left Arizona in the middle of September. Spent one night in Kingman and arrived at my daughters the day after we left.

 photo modestostorage6_zpsd919b0fe.jpg 
The day after arriving we unloaded the truck into a storage while we looked for a place to rent.
We found a nice 2 bedroom cottage to rent after about 2 months of staying with my daughter and family.
 photo 168_zps92dd3758.jpg

 photo moving2014RosinaModesto-4_zpsec17450e.jpg
Between my daughter, grand daughter, and myself we got the cabinets lined ready to move in and fill them.
 photo moving2014RosinaModesto-9_zps87d14384.jpg 
This was move in day.
 photo moving2014RosinaModesto-3_zps3008b748.jpg
We did not bring a lot of furniture with us.  We knew we could get things here at the thrift stores in the area.  How do you like my $25 couch.  It has a hide a bed in it.  My doxie seems to like it.
We got us a new bed and another lounge chair at a thrift store for dear hubby.  
Below are some pictures of my kitchen.  It is the only room so far that is almost completely done.  At least it is usable for cooking.  It was a lot of fun.  Especially since I have a lot of red items and the brown went nicely with it.
 photo 002_zpsfcd4c983.jpg

 photo 009_zps203c80b3.jpg

 photo 008_zpsf8b8c556.jpg

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 photo 005_zpsd24b4b7c.jpg

I will keep all of you updated on the little cottage as soon as I am able to find furniture to organize my craft room and my bedroom.  
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My mother'n'love is doing a lot better. She is still frail but gaining some strength. We are trying to fatten her up some, so trying to cook some meals for her. She is able to cook a few things herself, but to spend a lot of time in the kitchen is just too much for her. She is also getting so she can do a few more things for herself in her apartment.
 photo momaftersurgery_zpse3f6b230.jpg
I also got to help out a little with my mother, who had a knee replacement at the age of 83.  She is home and feeling so much better. She is hoping to get to work with her flowers outside this coming spring.  The handsome young man in the picture is my youngest brother.  Go Giants-and they won too.
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