Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Today was a fun time with my granddaughter.  Grand children sometimes find it easier to learn something from a grandparent.  Not that they do not learn from a parent, but grandparents often have more time and patience to teach them a skill.

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When my granddaughter wanted to learn to sew I was more than willing to teach her.
Sewing is one of those skills they should want to do.  It would always be a good skill even if they did not like it.  The difference is they will have a lot more fun creating outfits if they like to sew.
Out of 5 granddaughters I have 2 so far that wanted to sew.  The others were interested in other skills, like cooking, reading, writing, painting, etc.

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One thing I do is to put postem notes on the sewing machine to guide the stitch size. As they use the postem note edge as a guide, it is easier for them to get the concept of not watching the needle.
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She even learned to use an iron. The iron is a very valuable tool when sewing. It makes it a lot easier when hems and the like are pressed for pinning
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Pinning was a little difficult, but for the first time she actually did very well. You have to get over being scared of getting stuck by a pin.
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She did a great job of sewing a straight stitch and zig-zaging the edge. A lot of machines now have a speed guide on them. At first we had it on the lowest speed. As she got better at it she reached up and turned the speed up herself. I think she will do just fine at this new skill.
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This is her completed skirt.  After sewing she was in the kitchen with me making a potato salad.  Cooking is another skill she is interested in.

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