Thursday, March 24, 2016


The top of a fridge can sure get dirty in a kitchen. Along with dust, you get the grease that gets in the air from cooking. I have tried all kinds of things to clean the top with, like scouring powders, etc. I could never seem to get in the groves that are at the top of mine. To make matters worse my fridge is next to my cooking stove. This makes it contain even more grease on top of it. photo dirty frig 1_zpsdd08fhg8.jpg The picture above in the far right hand corner is how dirty it was. I had already been cleaning when I thought everyone should know how easy this was, so did not get the before picture of the whole fridge.  photo dirty frig 2_zpsxwlkjmpv.jpg Here is a close up of the dirt, grime, and grease that I had not cleaned yet.  photo dirty frig 3_zps5tzgzrkh.jpg Now the Mom knows best part is from my 84 year old mother. My mom for years has swore by JOY dish soap. I like it but could not use it in some of the places I have lived because of the lemon. Unfortunately I have problems with citrus. Recently I had bought some for my dear hubby for cleaning some rocks that he tumbles and so I thought why not try it full strength on this mess. WOW how easy it was.  I did not have to even push hard with the brush, just move it around and it easily loosened it all up. Just take a wet dish towel and wipe the soap and grime off. photo dirty frig 5_zpssg327nqj.jpg Isn't it just beautiful. I could eat off the top of this fridge now.  photo IMG_5637_zpszjhfiovn.jpg I even used the joy on the antiques. It removed the grime also, without taking any of the paint off. Just love the shinny chicken and chicks. Also compliments of my mother. She did ceramics and made these for me in 1983. Now the shelf next to the stove will be next. Not dreading cleaning it anymore. Nina
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