Monday, July 3, 2017


One of our families values is sticking together through thick and thin (as was posted in BROKEN HIP AND LOVE.  I believe that both my husband's and my family taught us to stick together and help each other.  Even when the chips are down or life and circumstances do not always go according to plan.

My husband and I can always count on our family.  We have all tried to be there for each other when help is needed.  

Roy III and his wife  have always been so helpful and supportive of us.   Do to certain circumstances and medical bills from a medical condition that I ended up having, we do not own our own home.
We have had to rent homes in the last few years. 

Recently my son remarried and his wife moved into town to be with him.  She had a house and acres that were now empty.  They called and informed us that they would love to have us move into the house rent free.  We are on social security so anyone who lives on that knows how helpful this would be.  THANKS TO BOTH OF YOU!

Roy III is very family oriented.  He learned from grandparents and us how valuable having family is.  

My mom tells me, when he visited California he help her do things she needed done.  Also he would just sit and talk to her.

He listened to his elders with respect that what they may be telling him would be truthful, useful, and needed in his life.

Another thing I just love that my son learned from his grandfather Ledford was how to make most anything work.  His grandfather lived during the depression and they learned to make do with what every they had.  This talent was instilled in Roy III.  He will not give up on a project.  He will figure out a way to do it.

My husband and his dad were very close and worked well together.  They taught my son the desire to do the same.  Roy III and his dad are always helping each other out and working on projects. 

They both try and show Roy III's kids how to do things that they might also need to do in their lives or help someone else.

Roy III and fam take time to just have some plain fun.  They will BBQ or ask us over to eat so we can all spend time together. 

Go camping together and cook over a camp fire.  Yum

 Go rock hounding.
Do some fishing.  Now that was some good fishing that day.
Hiking and exploring the woods and old Indian finds.

Taking us all for picnics. His daughter Kaley walking by the little Colorado on one of those days.

He has taken these values and tried to instill them into his own 5 children.

There are just so many things that my husband and I are proud about our kids.  We just could not list them all.  THAT IS WHAT FAMILY IS - JUST PLAIN LOVE AND SUPPORT FOR EACH OTHER!

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