Thursday, February 3, 2011


HI EVERYONE-Yesterday about 2 pm it really started to get a lot colder.  I had the wood stove blazing away all day but I noticed the cold in the kitchen.  So decided it was a great time to bake some cookies.  The first choice was a cookie recipe made with Bisquick from Taste of Home web site.  The choice was No-Fuss Peanut Butter Cookies.   I "Tweaked" a low fat version of a BAKING MIX and came out with a version that comes out with a product superior to any low fat version I had used. 
I came up with another different version, that has not been posted yet, to add a little fiber.  In the recipes for my PLAIN  BAKING MIX   replace 1 cup of unbleached flour with 1 cup of WHEAT BRAN.
These Peanut Butter Cookies were yummy and so easy and quick to make.  The little bit of sugar on top just added that little touch.
The next batch I made were a CHOCOLATE CHIP Cookie from Betty Crocker Web Page. They also were made with my BAKING MIX.  I ran out of butter and used baking margarine. The recipe said you could use either butter or margarine.  This recipe really needed the flavor of the butter. They were good, but next time will make them with butter.   

As I baked and did some other cooking, I noticed my windows were freezing up. They are still frozen today and it is 11:48 and 1 degree outside. BURRRRR

Fritz my young doxie has the right idea! Time for my snack, think I will join him and have another peanut butter cookie today and retreat to my chair by the wood stove and embroider. 
Stay Warm Everyone!!
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Today is the second day of the big storm for us, that will hit 1/3 of the United States.  We were just starting to have more snow yesterday (Feb. 1).  Hubby has decided to take the Bronco as the computer kept saying it had snowed all day Jan. 31, in Show Low where he works (another 1,000 feet high).

It is starting to snow and it snowed most of the day yesterday.  Feeding the fire was a must for the whole day.  This made it a nice and cozy place to be as it snowed.

My dogs had no problem sleeping and resting by the wood stove.  The sun came out now and then and they basked in it for the short time it was out.

We had more snow this morning, but not as much as we have had.  We must have been on the outskirts of the huge storm that hit so many states.  It was 3 degrees when I looked at my computer this morning around 9am.

It was a cold wet snow again this morning (Feb. 2), so once again we got the snow booties on my dogies.  I thought it was frozen enough but one of the dogs came in limping first time out.

Fritz seems to be saying, as he looks at me with those big pleading eyes, are you sure these are necessary.

I sat looking out my window and read my Bible with my cup of hot cocoa this morning.  The wood stove was nice and warm. Today was one of my honey's full day, so he was up early building the fire.  He is so good to do that for me.  I just do not function in the cold.
I guess I will never be that woman that wakes early in the morning to build a fire for her household.  If it is really going to be cold (like 15 below wind chill tonight) I get up every 3 hours and feed the wood stove to save on the electric heater bill.  That has to count for something.

Well it is clouding up and it looks like it is snowing on the mountains and headed this way.  A lot of the storms go over us headed to other parts of the country.
Keep warm all of you where it is snowing, praying you do not suffer too much from it.  Stay home if at all possible if it is bad.  

Sunday, January 30, 2011


We took a break this Sunday and went up to the higher mountains (8,000 altitude) as we call them. A snow storm is on the way and will be snowing Monday so we decided to do it today.
We live in the mountains at 6700 altitude. Where I live is considered the high desert, where the juniper bushes are the main vegetation.
Up higher are the pines and aspen trees.  There is snow on the ground.  Tomorrow there will be more and the skiers will be most happy to come and enjoy the snow.
We wanted to go to Big Lake but it was closed for the winter.  A year ago my husband use to sell fishing gear to the fishermen that did ice fishing on this lake.  I guess with the economy they decided to close it for the winter.
  We started in Show Low and up over the mountain and back down to Springerville to get some bread, lunch meat, and some bananas. We headed back up the mountain and over to a little resort town called Grear.  We drove down this road to the little Colorado.

Here we are standing in front of the little Colorado.
It looked so fresh and beautiful to look at.  I would call this a stream as I have lived by the Columbia River in Oregon.  It was no less beautiful.  Everywhere I have been in the different States everything has its own beauty.
Here is our Bronco and the mountain and pines on the other side of the road from the Little Colorado.
On the way out of Grear we saw a sign that said Bunch Reservoir .  We drove over to it and it was frozen over.  Everything looked so crisp, clean and beautiful in the sun light. We went on up over the New Mexico Boarder and saw some wild turkey at a little camp ground.  I had never seen wild turkeys before.
We do not live far from the New Mexico Boarder so it did not take us long from Alpine to drive over to there.
My honey was having such a great time.  With all the changes at work, he needed a fun trip to the mountains to relax.
We finished and headed down the mountain toward home.  We had been invited to eat at my son's home tonight.
My son was starting a Bible Study with his little Church Group He has at His home in the Hunt Area, just out of Concho.  The Study will be on the word "In Him."  He wanted us to attend and we were more than willing to go and listen to God's word since we had to make our ride on Sunday and did not attend our little village church today.  The Lord is so good to share his beauty with us and still bless us with His word.
Well it is time for bed-it has been a wonderful long day.  Hopefully I can dream about the wind in the pines and the water bubbling over the rocks in the Little Colorado.
Good Night All.