Friday, July 10, 2020


I so enjoy using antiques in my kitchen.  I feel like the use of them would have put a smile on the previous owners face.  All the hard work they did in the kitchens years ago.  Preparing food from scratch and satisfying their families and friends.  I now do a lot of  homemade cooking from scratch.  Some of our health problem require we do not eat certain preservatives that are in some food items.
Also I do not put these antiques in a dish washer.  I wash them by hand when I use them.  Dishwashers can strip the antiques of their colors.  Our ancestors washed these by hand.
This item is like the one my grandmother used to put bread in.  It is called a bread box.  This was not hers, but I found one just like it.
Here are some of the containers that store in this old bread box.
The toaster is sitting on an antique tray.  It sure comes in handy holding all these kitchen items.  It catches the crumbs from the toaster.  The cup is an antique also.  As you can see I am using it to hold the measuring spoons.
The small red and yellow containers were used to store things in the refrigerator.  I remember my grandmothers having these.  I put butter in the red container.  The yellow one is empty right now.  The salt and pepper shaker are also antiques.
These small refrigerator containers are great for storing small things.
I keep tooth picks in this container.  I like using them for testing baked goods.
These bowls sit on my counter top.  I use the blue one a lot, as there is only my dear husband and me.  I have used the large red one when raising bread.  

This large dish rack is an antique large one.  I have not seen one this large.  Dishes were of course washed by hand as the dish washing machines were not the norm then.
These small crocks I have kitchen utensils in.
These cream pitchers now hold utensils that I use in the baking section of my kitchen.
As you can see these old jars now hold cookies for snacking.  The lids I did paint.  A lot of them were old Best Food mayonnaise jars.
This older jar that has a canning seal and lid on top holds my peppermint tea.

I actually use these bowls in my baking section of the kitchen.  The jars up above hold Splenda Blends.
These are older recipe boxes.  These recipes boxes are colorful and a lot of fun to use.
Actually using these for recipe boxes is a lot of fun.  I put my recipes that I use weekly in them.
Last but not least, we use the old clock.  It is a lot of fun working with and by these antiques. Surrounded by objects that remind me of the past, not to mention just fun to use.

Sunday, November 17, 2019


Some years back we were in a situation where our saws were not working. We did not have the money to do anything about it. I do not know why because of the years, but we had no way of having wood for our stoves that winter. The only source of heat at the time was our wood stoves.

We had no idea what we were going to do. I remember telling the Lord that we needed some means of getting wood. That he was the only one that could help us.

My hubby and my son decided one day after my prayer (which I had not told anyone) to take a different route home. If you ask them why they say they do not know why they did. The road was under these huge electric lines. There was a crew there cutting up juniper and putting it through a wood chipper.

My hubby and son asked them if they could have the wood they were cutting and they said yes. We think they were very relieved to not have to spend the time putting it through the chipper.

We brought truck load after truck load of wood home. We were not the only ones. While we were getting these loads a few others found out about it and they were supplied wood also free.

That wood lasted us a few years. The Lord always answers our prayers and when he says yes to a prayer, it is over and aboard what we have asked for.

The problem is Christians have to stop saying the word “I”. In other words we need to stop saying I can do this, or we can do this. We need to remember everything comes from the Lord and look to Him only. Of course we have to do our part. We still had to go get that wood and split it etc. But it is an attitude of looking to him for even the biggest or smallest thing in our lives. Not getting anxious about how “We” can do this but how will the Lord provide this so we can do it. We also have to realize He is God almighty and when we ask, we know He says yes or no and be satisfied with the answer. Look to Him for the way He wants our prayers answered. I so have to remind myself of this time and time again.

This picture of this truck is planted in my mind. There are so many pictures of how the Lord provided for us and still does. ASK the Lord for the answers!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019



I have been going to put this post on with a list (at the bottom of page) that changed my life. I believe the Lord was telling me to put it on. Of course I was busy. That is my nature for sure. I am like Martha and worry about so many things that need to be done, I forget the important things.
But as usual life causes us to stop and think and look to the Lord for the answers.

As Christians we are looking for God's blessings. You all know what I am talking about the little things. The things that mean something to us or we know God is right beside us, knows our trials, our frustrations. He sends some little or big blessing that warms our hearts.

For example I have been trying to cut my grocery bill. But it seemed that no matter what I did I spent more. I knew something was wrong. So what do you do when something is wrong. You ask God to show you what it is.
When he shows you, you do what the word says and you confess to Him. Yes you are right that is exactly what I have been doing. You admit to God and yourself that your old sin nature is in total control.

For me the thing I had been doing seemed like a “little thing” and justifiable. But in reality it was a condemning thought process that led me to accuse and belittle someone else. When God showed me I had to admit it and say, yes I was doing this and ask His forgiveness.

I had to take God's viewpoint not my old sin natures. I needed to think and do as the Lord wanted me to do. I was thinking of myself and only of myself in relationship to the matter. Oh the enemy and our old sin nature are so good at diverting us and getting us in such a mess.

But once I did as the Lord wanted things changed.

At the next shopping trip little blessings appeared. Those things I needed were on sale. We were also even given some free things. All this I knew was from the Lord. He was blessing my life again.

God does not bless sin. Some of us forget how our old sin natures can just take over and that we are not living in the Holy Spirit.

If we want that close relationship and those little blessings we must live in the Spirit. If we are sinning, no matter how little to us it seems, we will be out of fellowship with our Lord.

I was changed by a book I read with a list of the old sin natures characteristics. Even though I have to go back to this list, as the old sin nature is adapt at having me forget. I read it again and again and know that the Lord does not want me living in it and being His miserable child, whom he must discipline. I am glad he disciplines me, as it always brings me back to His Grace and Love. That is if I listen to Him.

Below is the list (from a Christian Book) of how the old sin nature works. The “I” in Romans 7 that Paul talks about.

Self-will “We have turned every one to his own way.” The flesh wants its own way and is determined to have it even if it defies and disobeys God and over-rides others. “I will” is the alphabet out of which self fashions its language of life.

Self-contentedness “the sin nature” feeds upon itself. It is the beginning and the end. Life presents little that interests or affects it except as it relates to itself. It is the center of the world in which it lives and moves and it always looks out for number one.

Self-assertion “the sin nature” believes that everyone is as interested in it and as fascinated by him or herself. So it protrudes and projects self into the sight, hearing and notice of others continually. It monopolizes conversations and the theme is always “I,” “my,” and “mine.” It walks with a swagger and expects the world to stop work and look at it. And it never dreams how offensive self-importance is to others.

Self-depreciation “the sin nature” is very versatile and sometimes it suits its purpose better to clothe its pride in a false humility. It curls up in its self depreciation and shirks a lot of hard work which other people have to do. It magnifies its littleness and feebleness to its own advantage, yet with strange inconsistency it resents others taking its professed estimate of itself and treating it accordingly.
Self-conceit “the sin nature” lives so much in it self that he, or she, does not know how big the world is in which they lives and how many other really intelligent people there are in it, so it has little regard for the opinions of others, especially if contrary to his or her own. It looks with pride and pity upon those less favored and gifted than himself.

Self-love “the sin nature” loves itself supremely, one might say almost exclusively. It loves God not at all and its human love for others is tainted more or less with selfishness, jealousy, envy or impurity. Indeed “the old sin nature,” makes an idol of itself which it not only loves but worships.

Set-indulgence “the old sin nature” eats, drinks, and is merry. For it to want anything is equivalent to having it. It pampers and coddles itself; it can even indulge its extravagant, fleshy appetites while others starve to death before its eyes.

Self-pleasing “the old sin nature” chafes under discomfort and deprivation and is grumpy and peevish unless everything in the life of its day ministers to its real or imagined needs, it lives unto only one person whose name is SELF.

Self-seeking “the old sin nature” is on a quest: it is after whatever will advance the cause of self. It seeks with feverish ambition and activity praise, position, power, prominence, and anything that checks its gaining them is attributed to others.

Self-pity “the old sin nature,” love for itself often creates within rebellion against its circumstances or relationships; it exaggerates its own possible suffering, discomfort or sorrow and makes itself and others miserable by its habitual murmuring.

Self-sensitiveness “the old sin nature,” is extremely hard to live with because it is covered with wounds and is continually being hurt afresh. It is not very companionable because usually it is dissolved in tears, shrouded in silence, or enjoying a pout.

Self-defense “the old sin nature,” is very jealous of his rights and busy avenging his wrongs. He indulges freely in lawsuits In pursuit of its own vindication and justification. In case of disagreement and estrangement with others it is blinded by it own sin.

Self-trust “the old sin nature,” is very self confident and feels no need of one wiser and stronger than itself. Trusting in its own powers and resources it is prone to say “though all men shall deny thee, yet will not I.” (what Peter said to Jesus).

Self-sufficiency “the old sin nature,” is self confident, fosters an egotistical, smug self satisfaction which leaves it stagnant. It has neither desire nor sense of need for anything beyond what it already possesses.

Self-consciousness “the old nature,” never forgets itself: where ever it goes it casts a shadow of itself before. It is constantly occupied with photographing itself. It is chained to itself and as it walks one hears the clank of the chains. It is often morbidly self-introspective.

Self-exaltation “the old sin nature,” is absorbed in its own excellencies: it overestimates itself and its abilities: it thirst for admiration and praise and it thrives on flattery. It secretly worships at the shrine “Self” and it wishes others to do so publicly.

Self-righteousness “the old sin nature,” loves to dress itself in the garments of morality, benevolence and public spiritedness. It even patronizes the Church and often assists in drives for raising money for religious purposes, heading the list of donors with a handsome gift. It keeps a double entry account book—both with the Church and with the world and expects a reward both on earth and in Heaven

Self-glorying—perhaps “the old sin nature,” resents this plain delineation of itself as it really is and thinks the condemnation too sweeping. Immediately it begins to enumerate its good qualities, its amibleness, geniality, tolerance, self-control, sacrificial spirit and other virtues. In doing so it takes all the credit to itself for what it is, exhibiting ill-concealed pride and vanity.

I do not know about you-but I see myself in so many of these things and that is when I am living in the old sin nature and not in the new.

Thank you Jesus Christ that when you come or we die we will no longer have this old sin nature. In the mean time continue to show us when we are living in this old nature and not in your Spirit. So we can live blessed and fulfilled lives.