Tuesday, September 25, 2018


After the picking of the apples, the work in the kitchen begins.  Dear Hubby was sitting at the table most of the day with the apple peeler and peeling about 2 bushel baskets of apples.  I have started the process of cooking the apples till tender for applesauce.  The apples I am doing had blemishes or dropped and would eventually bruise so we make applesauce out of them.
With the apple peeler we did not need to run them through the fruit grinder (as I call it).  I just had to put it in the food processor to grind down to a sauce like consistency.
The food processor did a great job and now I will heat it up for canning.
Dear Hubby took a picture of me in the process of getting ready to process the applesauce.
With this being applesauce I used my pressure cooker as it is faster and it takes less time to process in the altitude of over 6,000 ft. where I live.
The finished product.  This will be so good on pancakes, cakes, muffins, or just to eat this winter.  Healthy no preservative apple sauce.


Sunday, September 23, 2018



it is time to pick apples this fall.
Son up in the tree on ladder.  I think he enjoys picking the fruit for eating later.
Sorting the apples for canning, cold storage, or pigs and chickens if badly infested with any bugs or bird pecking.
My honey holding ladder and passing apples down to us.
He just loves orchards and especially seeing them complete their season.

So now the job is mine to make applesauce and apple pie filling.  Hard work, but oh so rewarding in the winter to go and get a can of homemade, pesticide free apples.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017



Today Dear Hubby and I worked on canning tomatoes. I set up my oster machine with the attachment that takes the skins and seeds out of the tomatoes.

Dear Hubby cut the tomatoes up so I could cook them down until soft. Then I run them through the oster machine.

While he did that I canned some yellow wax green beans. Then I started working on the tomato pulp and chopped onion. I cooked it for a little while.  Then filled the half pints with the pulp.

I used the half pints as 8 oz. Is the amount I use a lot of for cooking. It is just my husband and I most of the time.  Think I will can a few quarts also for when family comes and I need to cook for them.

We did canning of tomato sauce at my son's for the last 3 days so was glad to get some done at home also. 

It was a productive day. We are looking forward to harvesting more tomatoes and having our pantry full for this winter. Especially without the extra ingredients that are in the store bought tomato sauce.