Sunday, May 1, 2011


The picture above is me and my father 2 years ago and the bird feeders he makes from his motorized chair.

I had to make an emergency trip to California.  My father had a heart attack 3 weeks ago.  He has been in so much pain in the last few years with MS that he did not know he had a heart attack.  He only went in for some tests because he was not feeling well for a couple weeks.  The damage is bad enough that the doctors said that he could live 2 minutes and most likely not longer than 6 months.

I spent last week doing the housework for my mother and a little waiting on my dad.  During the time I helped, my mother was able to rest or sleep.  This is really hardest on her as she will be 80 in June.  She has been his care giver for years.  His MS was a very slow kind.

This week-end we went to my youngest daughters.  They were having a free air show in the area.  We decided to go out and have some fun and see the activities.
We really had a great time watching the planes on the way into the base.  My son-in-law is in the air force and  they just recently moved to a new area.
I was so surprised that I got some of the photos that I did.  I was basically aiming and shooting as I could not see what I was taking.
 A fly by.
One of the f15
Later we went to Chili's for supper.  This was my grandsons first time he got to choose from an adult menu.  The smile on his face was priceless.  His dad told him that now the options were endless.  He was thrilled.
Next week I will return to my mothers and help out again. 
Prayer for my Dad's transfer to be face to face with the Savior in Heaven, is his and my family's request.