Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Yesterday we were going to go to the Memorial wall and then the Oroville Dam. The Memorial Wall was so full that we actually could not find a place to park.  So my daughter told the kids that we must always remember the soldiers who gave their lives so we could live freely and what the wall was all about. We then headed to the Oroville Dam.  The following is some pictures or our trip.
The Lake side of the Dam
This dam is an earth dam.  You can see the earth and rocks on the Lake side.

Daughter #2 with her kids and Me
My Honey and I
The spill way at the top of the dam with water rushing out of it.
The side that is heading down the mountain to the river.
The waves of water rushing down the spill way.
The water hitting another section of the spill way.  It shows a huge force behind it.
 The trees and vegetation reminded me of Redding, Ca.  We raised our kids there for 14 years. I enjoyed getting to see the scenery.