Sunday, September 18, 2011


my name in sand
I LOVE THE OCEAN!!! I remember a movie in the "Sara Plain and Tall" series, where she wrote her name in the dirt where she lived. Sara was saying that she was part of where she lived. My name was not for such grand thinking. I did it because it was just fun to be at the ocean where you can play as a child again.

Ocean view2
Yesterday my daughter and family decided to go to the beach for the day. The ocean is so beautiful and shows the magnificence of God's creation.

Carrie & Fam looking
My hubby, daughter, and grand daughter took a little detour off the trail to look out at the ocean.

Daddy and Cassie walkint
Daddy and daughter getting their feet wet, walking through the waves.

Carrie front photo walking
Mommy enjoying walking and watching family have fun on the beach, also taking pictures to keep the memory.

Carries bubbles
Mommy using Cassie's bubble toy to make lots of bubbles for Cassie to play. She also was a little mischievous in that the bubbles were being carried out on the beach to make others wonder where they come from. It brought smiles to people. Bubbles make people laugh and remember their childhood bubble fun.

Cassie running 1
Cassie trying to catch the bubbles mommy is making. Check the bubbles in front of Cassie and up higher. The bubbles that went behind to others to enjoy.

Nana enjoying
I absolutely LOVE THE OCEAN!!! Even though the ocean is a minute thing of God's creation, to me it shows me a little of God's power. I love the smell and clean fresh air and moisture that comes off the ocean.

Papa enjoying
My hubby loves to go to the ocean too. He loves to take me there so we can walk together and just relax a little.

Cassie running 2
DO YOU REMEMBER FEELING LIKE THIS?? Sometimes we need to forget the economy or the circumstances of the world and just enjoy what God has made!