Sunday, May 20, 2012



With the cost of gasoline, unemployment, and rising pricing the standard mode of doing things must change.
Our families comes from a long line of survival and creating their own way of having fun with family and friends. The picture above is my husbands grandparents and his dads picture (2nd boy in bottom row).  They lived during the depression and as you can see they are standing in a garden.

Our generation was called the throw away generation.  We bought new TV's with all the new electronics.  New trucks with trailers or motorhomes to go camping.  Drive long distances to camp and have a vacations.
If it broke we just went and got the newest latest version.  That is not possible for some of us in this economy.

We decided that we would not sacrifice family fun just because we no longer had the money to do the things that we use to.  We would have to make our own.  So we will start with the simple back yard or in our case the front yard BBQ.

The gas BBQ that we owned has long since quit working.  In Arizona we have dried out washes.  People have thrown their garbage in them for years.  My son has been cleaning out some of these and taking metal to the scrap yard.  With little work all winter he has kept the family going by doing this.

He saved an old metal dryer drum and welded it to a trailer jack.  He bolted this to a wooden stand.  Also on top is an old refrigerator grate to cook on.  He has a small welder.  He welded the pieced together.  He says he needs to weld some bracing on it, but we have used it several times to BBQ our meat.  It may not look pretty but it sure gets the job done. Who needs a $200-$500 BBQ when you can make your own.  My mother use to have a saying.  Necessity is the mother of invention.

I expect my father'in'law smiles down at me from heaven.  Having lived during the depression, he kept all kinds of what I called JUNK.  I will have to admit he made several things from that junk like a little riding tractor, but I still considered all that stuff JUNK.  Now we are doing the same thing and that JUNK is giving us some money to pay the bills with.  As well as, letting us have some fun.

On Mothers Day I wanted a camp out breakfast.  My son said he could do that.  So his kids went and gathered a lot of rock.  Arizona has lots of rock! He dug a hole and layed the rock all around the outside edge.  He had the kids find the camping gear and he got his camp fire grate to cook on.
I am sipping my hot cocoa and enjoying my at home camp fire.
My son and hubby are busy cooking our camp fire breakfast. 
We are all enjoying ourselves as we wait for that delicious breakfast
Yummy outside Mothers Day breakfast.
This was absolutely delicious.
You can share this low cost fun with friends and neighbors. We all decided to have a BBQ at a neighbors Organic farm. They only live about 2 miles away. She has workers that come from all over the US and world to learn to work on her farm in exchange for room and board. We thought we would show them some Arizona hospitality.
We all contributed different food dishes and helped assemble it.
Before the BBQ was done they had a friendly game of Volleyball.
They showed us a game they had made with wooden blocks.  They called it Kub.  They think it is a Swedish game.   It reminded me of a game of horseshoes.
Even the youngest one is having fun without a bought toy. She is playing in a plastic crate.
After the meal, we enjoyed a fun camp fire, with marshmallows and sharing about our lives.
Using Air Conditioning is not an option if you are cutting back on expenses. Getting a book a comfy chair and sitting under a tree is just the best option for keeping cool. Misting yourself and a cold drink will also help on a really hot day.  This is a simple way of camping in your back yard.
Papa cooking
Last night my hubby and son decided to use our camp fire again and BBQ pork chops. I think I started something. Everyone had so much fun that they keep on wanting to do this.
home made candle holders
You do not have to go out and buy a lantern either. We did have one and used it at one end of the table, but we used my sons homemade candle holders made with barbed wire at the other end of table.
We used a old sheet from a thrift store for a tablecloth for my picnic table. My hubby and I traded texturing a wall in exchange for a picnic table.
fun at camp fire
The Look on my grandkids faces says it all. They are having a blast. We shared and laughed, ate and just plain enjoyed each other.
We can all come up with other ways of having fun without spending a lot of money. It is a great way to get the kids away from computer games and TV and get to know each other.  Just start using your imagination and GO FOR IT.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


My Hubby and I are heading back to Arizona. We will be staying in our motor home at my son's home until we can find a place to live and get settled. We may not have the internet for awhile, so I will be silent for awhile.
I hope to soon have lots of pictures and information to bring back to my blog when I return.
So we will sign off for now.

small size
Roy & Nina

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Pinterest has motivated so many people. The skirt above was on Pinterest and caught the attention of my daughter. She wanted to make this for her daughter who loves any long feminine skirt or dress.
The tutorial for this skirt on Pinterest is at Twirly Skirt Tutorial
My last visit to her house was the opportunity for her to try a new skill and sew her daughter the above skirt. When she was not sure about something I would give her advice and a few secrets I used when sewing.
She dug out her sewing machine that we had got her years ago and set up a place to sew.  She had cleaned an area in a storage area under her stairs so she could easily convert her home school area to a sewing area.
I showed her a way to mark where to start sewing and end where she would need to insert her elastic.
A tutorial on securing elastic without a "feels funny" that my kids use to say, check out CLOTHING TAGS & SECURE ELASTIC

My daughter pining the gathers on her daughters first skirt. Mom just had to take a picture.  I have one grand-daughter that loves to sew and now one of my daughters is sewing.  A sentimental moment for this mother.

This is the first skirt that she made. She did a great job and I never sewed a stitch for her.
Here is the second skirt that she made. This one is made with corduroy.  Her mother said that the last time I made her a long skirt, she tried to wear it everyday.  Now she has more skirts to wear, twirl, and feel like a feminine little girl. She looks just beautiful!  Of course I could be a little prejudice:)
I am so proud of my daughter for this accomplishment, now she can have the confidence to make other skirts. 
Now for the rest of you, check out pinterest and get a little motivation to say I CAN DO THIS!

Monday, January 23, 2012


dress laundry
Dreaming of fresh smelling laundry and spring. Hanging laundry is one of those pleasures of going outside, accomplishing a chore, saving money, and talking to the Lord. All at the same time.
Soon it will be spring and I am looking forward to hanging laundry outside.