Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Pinterest has motivated so many people. The skirt above was on Pinterest and caught the attention of my daughter. She wanted to make this for her daughter who loves any long feminine skirt or dress.
The tutorial for this skirt on Pinterest is at Twirly Skirt Tutorial
My last visit to her house was the opportunity for her to try a new skill and sew her daughter the above skirt. When she was not sure about something I would give her advice and a few secrets I used when sewing.
She dug out her sewing machine that we had got her years ago and set up a place to sew.  She had cleaned an area in a storage area under her stairs so she could easily convert her home school area to a sewing area.
I showed her a way to mark where to start sewing and end where she would need to insert her elastic.
A tutorial on securing elastic without a "feels funny" that my kids use to say, check out CLOTHING TAGS & SECURE ELASTIC

My daughter pining the gathers on her daughters first skirt. Mom just had to take a picture.  I have one grand-daughter that loves to sew and now one of my daughters is sewing.  A sentimental moment for this mother.

This is the first skirt that she made. She did a great job and I never sewed a stitch for her.
Here is the second skirt that she made. This one is made with corduroy.  Her mother said that the last time I made her a long skirt, she tried to wear it everyday.  Now she has more skirts to wear, twirl, and feel like a feminine little girl. She looks just beautiful!  Of course I could be a little prejudice:)
I am so proud of my daughter for this accomplishment, now she can have the confidence to make other skirts. 
Now for the rest of you, check out pinterest and get a little motivation to say I CAN DO THIS!

Monday, January 23, 2012


dress laundry
Dreaming of fresh smelling laundry and spring. Hanging laundry is one of those pleasures of going outside, accomplishing a chore, saving money, and talking to the Lord. All at the same time.
Soon it will be spring and I am looking forward to hanging laundry outside.