Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Sometimes life can take an unbelievable turn.  Things that happened you never could have imagined.  Loved ones turn on you, friends giving advice-good and bad.  Family offering to help. A Church that stands behind you and gives you encouragement and love.  Others just shocked at it all.
You end up changing your plans for your life.  You do what the Lord has called you to do.  Understanding or fixing it is not what you are asked to do.  
The Lord has asked you, to be the one unchanging thing in their lives.  To remain faithful to Him and not ask questions but to trust and be there for innocent ones caught up in the situation.  To be the same as you have always been.  What is the same.  A faith in my Lord and Savior to get us through and show us "His" way and not our own.  To be there for them when they do not understand, showing them your love for them never changes, your devotion to them never changes, and you will help them in any way you can to get them through and on the other side of it-turning to Jesus Christ the author of our faith.
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