Thursday, July 18, 2013


While in California I purchased a book at a thrift store for $1 about choosing colors that flatter
Are there any women out there that remember a book in the 1980's called  "Color Me Beautiful" ?
According to this book, women were classified by different seasons.  My season was Summer.  I removed the summer color chart from my book find. The chart now goes with me when choosing clothing, hats, scarves, etc.
With the above color chart I set out to find some clothes at the thrift store today. This chart comes in handy when the dressing rooms are dark or have florescent lighting. Florescent lighting distorts your complexion color, which can lead to bringing home an outfit that cannot be taken back.
Here is some of my find today.  The top on the right is a Plum color.  I did not find a skirt for this top.  With my color chart I should be able to find a skirt at a later date without having to take the top with me.  
This powder pink blouse was another find today.
You can purchase any color skirt if there is flattering colors in the skirt  Just look for the flattering color in a blouse or top.  You can also purchase any dress color if you can match a flattering scarf color.  Just place the scarf next to your face.   
I purchased 4 tops, 1 blouse, and 1maxi skirt for under $10.  The pink blouse feels like silk, but it does not say what it is.  I did not think I could wear this light color.  The blouse pleasantly surprised me when I put it on.
These 6 items made 9 outfit by mix and matching them with other thrift store finds in my closet.  Choose the colors on your chart or the ones you know flatter. This will enable you to mix and match your wardrobe for many outfits with just a few items.
PLEASE FORGIVE MY CAMERA-which has a light spot in the middle from a scratch on the lens.
Example 1-The maxi skirt above was purchased today for $2.50.  The maxi skirt went with another top that I bought last week at the thrift store for $3.  The elastic in the back is totally stretched out. This will be replaced with new elastic.  It has a button down front.  You would laugh if you could see the close pen in the back to hold it on my waist : )
Example 2-This Cocoa top goes with the same maxi skirt.  I did not think I could wear Browns either.  The maxi skirt has fall leaves, etc. on it.  Fall is one of my favorite seasons.  A friend that was with me thought it would be great for the fall season.  When she saw it on me, she said it would look good no matter what season.
Example 3-The top above is actually a Rose-Beige that is a knit sweater type.  It appears white here with my camera. Hopefully by saving on clothing I can purchase a new camera : ) 
Example 4-The pink top that was on the hanger in the picture above goes with another skirt I bought about 2 years ago. It was also purchased at a thrift store while visiting my daughter and son-in-love and grand daughter in California.
Example 5-This Medium Blue Green knit sweater type top can also be worn with skirt pictured in Example 1, 2 & 3 as well as this skirt. This would actually make it 10 outfits.  I will most likely take the top in to give it more shape.
Example 6-This top is the same Rose-Beige top as in Example 3.  The maxi skirt was another purchase from a thrift store during a California visit.
Example 7-This top from Example 1 also goes with this same maxi skirt.
Example 8-This is a Powder Blue top purchased today. It matches a flower on the skirt.  The skirt was also purchased at a Thrift store in California. Since the top is a little sheer and clingy I will look for a jacket to match the outfit.
Example 9-A Raspberry top I purchased at another thrift store goes with this skirt.  The Rose-Beige colored knit top would go with this skirt also.
All in all it was a thrifty day.  Now for shoes and purses : ).