Thursday, April 20, 2017


Hi everyone
It has been awhile since I posted a page. Been busy working on what most people call a homestead. The name of the homestead is called Moonrise Farms. That is what is on a rock sign out in front.
You do see a lot of neat moon rises and sunrises on this farm.

Dear Hubby and I have been working on things here. I have been weeding some of the large garden that had onions, asparagus and rhubarb that has volunteered. We thought they were all dead but with watering they have come up. We are going to let most of this go to seed so we can have the seed. We will not be able to use the large garden until we can repair the fencing as the cotton tail rabbits, and jack rabbits are able to get in.

The start of this week we painted the chicken pin. Dear Hubby cleaned it out and is going to replace the roost and also clean up the nests. I was so excited to paint it barn red. It will be so nice to have fresh farm eggs that have some taste to them.

Dear Hubby did the cleaning out of the chicken pen and will have to do some repairs in there.  We have to reattach the top chicken wire so the hawks and owls ext. can't get in also.

We have a goat barn (now tool and feed storage area) to paint and drying shed to paint red. I will enjoy looking at the red buildings. 

I am hoping to order chicks in May. Watching chickens is so much fun for me and I can see the chicken house and run from my craft sewing room.

We went and got piglets Saturday. They are settling into their new home. They are cute and fun to watch also. Unfortunately dear Hubby will have to clear out some salt bush before I can see them from the craft sew room.

I worked on weeding the onions yesterday in the green house area.  I went out early before breakfast as it has been getting hot in the afternoons. It was so nice to weed and listen to the birds early in the morning.

We enjoy seeing the results of our labor and keeping busy for two retired people.    Plus we hope to reap the benefits of it all in the fall.  Yummy fresh veggies, eggs, and our own meat.  Along with fresh air and a sense of accomplishment. 


Friday, February 3, 2017


This week was so nice and warm after the week of storms and teen temperatures. We had temps in the high 50's and this week they say around 61 degrees. 
It was great for our old bones to get out and get some exercise and fresh air.
We worked in the orchard and on the black berries.  We still have some work in the green houses to do.  That is where we plan on planting this year.  Maybe some potatoes in the field.  It is a work in progress.
 This was the orchard before we started.  Lorraine my daughter-in-law was teaching for 3 years and was not able to get everything done to the orchard.  So the orchard really had 3 nice years of rest. 
Dear Hubby always loved doing fruit trees when we had had them some years back.  So he started pruning them.
I painted the trunks to keep the rabbits from nibbling on the bark.  Should have seen me trying to get up after about 2 years of not much physical labor :)

The orchard after pruning and raking the leaves around the trees.  I think they were lifting their branches in praise.
While I painted tree trunks, Dear Hubby was removing salt bushes (that you see in the picture) so he could get to the blackberries.
Here are some of the pruned berries.  They look just like little green sticks now.
The fence is cleared of salt bushes and the berries trimmed.  There are more to do next week inside the garden.  That will be this next weeks labor of love to them.


Wednesday, December 28, 2016



It was raining when I got up this morning. It is unusual for it to rain this time of year. It usually snows instead. But we will take the rain for the fruit trees as a blessing from the Lord.

It was a perfect day for baking.

Dear Hubby's cookie jar was getting empty and it just seemed festive to bake this time of year as well.

I made the Chocolate Chip recipe out of the “Better Homes and Garden New Cookbook”.

I will make me some cookies that I can have. They are a peanut butter cookie with rolled oats in them. I really enjoyed them the first time I made them and not too many calories for a little snack.

The PEANUT BUTTER OATMEAL COOKIES recipe comes from the internet site SparkPeople. It was posted by BUDGETMOM.

I am not a big cookie fan, but these little gems satisfy a sweet tooth craving.

I had some apples that were not going to be too crispy to just eat so decided to make an apple pie.

I used Marlene Knoch's Pie Crust recipe out of her 375 Sensational Splenda Recipes. I used this recipe before and dear Hubby liked it too.
The recipe has corn starch in it which was unusual to me.  I have seen recipes from the 1940's that used a little baking powder. 

I doubled the recipe for the top crust. Calorie wise next time I may do a lattice on top, or just make some cute cut outs with a cookie cutter to put on top.

The cookies and the pie turned out really good.  Dear Hubby enjoyed both even if pie is his favorite.

Hope every one had a Merry Christmas