Friday, July 18, 2014


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My honey got me a new sewing machine.  My other machine I had for about 15 years finally just stopped sewing correctly.  The one the the church gave me quit working correctly too. 
When I got married it wasn't  a week before I had to buy a sewing machine.  It was a used sewing machine but it was perfect as far as I was concerned. I was only 19 years old at the time.  Some 44 years ago and 4 sewing machines since then. A sewing machine is essential to my well being so to speak.  Creating things, makes me a very happy person.

"Now for my 2 little projects."
We are headed to a week-end of camping tomorrow. There were two things I needed for my vintage motor home.  A bag for plastic bags and a sturdy bag for the smaller #10 dutch oven. 

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 The first was a plastic bag holder. I chose a vintage material I got out of my stash. It matched the color scheme that I had in my motor home. It did not match the theme especially but I liked it and it will serve it's purpose till I can find one that will.

 photo 004_zpse56deeff.jpg
My dear hubby has been trying his hand at dutch oven cooking while camping. We started out with a smaller dutch oven and then we got a larger one. I had a large denim bag I had made a few years ago, and it fit the larger dutch oven. I now needed a smaller bag. So the second little project is a denim bag.
 photo 005_zpse49200a7.jpg
I had a piece of denim in my fabric stash. It worked perfect for the smaller bag. Both bags have a drawstring top. This makes the bag easy to put the dutch ovens in and close up.

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I  really am enjoying my new sewing machine and learning the different things it can do.  The machine also made doing these little projects a pleasure.

Friday, July 4, 2014


The top that I made got to her on time to go to the doctors office and get her cast of her wrist.  The shoulder is taking a little longer to heal.
The doctor really liked the top and how easy it was to put on and take off without disturbing her shoulder injury.

Will make some more but a little slimmer for her when her sling is gone. 

Monday, June 30, 2014


All in all a very productive day.
I finished my MIL's blouse top and got it sent off today in the mail.
The V neck line looked pretty low on the gown I made.  For an evening lounge gown that is ok.  For wearing as everyday clothing I decided to add a piece to the inside of the V-neck.
I made 2 microwave potato bags.  One smaller size and one larger.  If you are interested in making your own microwave bag pattern click here .  If you need instructions for sewing and how to use these bags safetly click here .
Then I made two of my simple aprons that I wear most of the time to cook in. 
Below is a tutorial on how to make a simple apron.  My aprons I make from a pattern I made myself to fit my body size.  Most aprons seem to tie around my hips instead of my waist.  I have used this apron pattern over and over through out the years.

After cutting out the body of the apron, I turn all the edges under 5/8 inch "twice" all the way around.
For the neck ties I used homemade bias tape for this particular apron.  Pin it at the edge of the top of the apron.
This is a picture of the two top ties pined to the apron.
Pin the side straps also and pin.
Sew all the way around the apron on the edges of the seams as seen in photo.
Just in case the seams do not secure the straps, sew at an angle forwards and backwards over the straps.  I know that these aprons will be repeatedly washed so I will go the extra to make sure every thing is secured.
I made one more apron only I had enough material to cut out straps to match this apron.

Now I have 2 new aprons to use.  It will be fun to have different ones to use.  

Thursday, June 26, 2014


 photo GRANDMAANDCASSIEEASTERA_zps88432405.jpg
 My dear mother-in-love fell about 2 weeks ago. She fractured her shoulder and her wrist. My oldest daughter and husband are taking care of her at their home.  They were finding it difficult to dress her with a sling on and also to keep from causing her pain.  She was mainly staying in the bedroom and wearing a hospital gown.
So I set out to find something that would be easier for her.  Upon investigation I found blouses or tops that have a closure at the shoulder seams.  I also found out that the same shoulder she hurt is one that has given her problems for years and had not been able to lift her arm very high.  These tops are suppose to make it easier to put your clothes on with a shoulder problem.
I already had a pattern that had seams at the shoulder to experiment with.  This pattern was one I had made for my Mother-in-Love some years ago to lounge in.
First thing I did was add 2-5/8 seams to the front and back shoulders seams using wax paper.  
Turn down each shoulder 5/8 and iron.
Turn again another 5/8 inch and iron that down.
Open out the ironed shoulder seams and pin and sew the facings on.
Using some stitch witchery iron the shoulder seams down.  This will give it a little extra stabilizing for the velcro. 
Your shoulder seam will look like this when ironed down with the stitch witchery. Top stitch the seams down
 Sew your velcro on to the finished shoulders as you see in the picture.  Do this for both shoulders.
This picture shows how the shoulders close.  When open this goes easily over the head of the person and shoulders.
This shows the shoulder closed.
 Here is my Mother-In-Love modeling her new gown.
 I was told on the phone that this was really easy for her to put on. She was able to fasten it herself.  This allowed her to have a garment that she could wear out of the bedroom and therefore celebrate her and her great grand daughter's and my grand daughter,s birthday.  MIL turned 86 and Grand daughter turned 8. Their birthdays are on the same day.

I will make some tops so that she can wear some clothes to the doctors office.   She will not be able to lift her arm very high after it heals so I plan to make her some more to make it easier for her to get dressed.  I will have to work on a pattern that will allow longer sleeves for winter.

Hope this helps anyone with a similar problem - I was in a hurry to get the garment done and sent to arrive in time for her birthday. Therefore I did not get as many pictures of the construction as I wanted to.  But this will give you an idea of how to go about it.

Monday, April 28, 2014


About a month ago my sewing machine finally stopped working properly.  It started making a banging noise and I did everything I could think of, to no avail.  I kept using it until it started skipping stitches.

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My church family from Concho heard about it and they sent me an older sewing machine.  I had not got to do anything with it at first as I had been in the hospital with Afib. 

Anyway this weekend I finally got to try it out.  It worked like a dream.  It does straight stitch, zig zag and other stitches that you use cams for.  It took me back in time and how great the old machines use to sew a regular straight stitch. 

 photo 008_zps98f10186.jpg
I was so excited that I decided to sew me an apron.  I got this apron fabric from someone years ago.  I had it already cut out, so I just started sewing it. 

It was a fun afternoon, as I really like to sew and create things.  I needed to start getting back into doing things after finding out I have AFib.  It can be a little unnerving and I was having to get use to medications.  I am so excited to start sewing some more projects again.

A BIG THANK YOU TO MY CHURCH FAMILY FROM CONCHO-the gift and loving thoughts were so appreciated.