Friday, July 10, 2020


I so enjoy using antiques in my kitchen.  I feel like the use of them would have put a smile on the previous owners face.  All the hard work they did in the kitchens years ago.  Preparing food from scratch and satisfying their families and friends.  I now do a lot of  homemade cooking from scratch.  Some of our health problem require we do not eat certain preservatives that are in some food items.
Also I do not put these antiques in a dish washer.  I wash them by hand when I use them.  Dishwashers can strip the antiques of their colors.  Our ancestors washed these by hand.
This item is like the one my grandmother used to put bread in.  It is called a bread box.  This was not hers, but I found one just like it.
Here are some of the containers that store in this old bread box.
The toaster is sitting on an antique tray.  It sure comes in handy holding all these kitchen items.  It catches the crumbs from the toaster.  The cup is an antique also.  As you can see I am using it to hold the measuring spoons.
The small red and yellow containers were used to store things in the refrigerator.  I remember my grandmothers having these.  I put butter in the red container.  The yellow one is empty right now.  The salt and pepper shaker are also antiques.
These small refrigerator containers are great for storing small things.
I keep tooth picks in this container.  I like using them for testing baked goods.
These bowls sit on my counter top.  I use the blue one a lot, as there is only my dear husband and me.  I have used the large red one when raising bread.  

This large dish rack is an antique large one.  I have not seen one this large.  Dishes were of course washed by hand as the dish washing machines were not the norm then.
These small crocks I have kitchen utensils in.
These cream pitchers now hold utensils that I use in the baking section of my kitchen.
As you can see these old jars now hold cookies for snacking.  The lids I did paint.  A lot of them were old Best Food mayonnaise jars.
This older jar that has a canning seal and lid on top holds my peppermint tea.

I actually use these bowls in my baking section of the kitchen.  The jars up above hold Splenda Blends.
These are older recipe boxes.  These recipes boxes are colorful and a lot of fun to use.
Actually using these for recipe boxes is a lot of fun.  I put my recipes that I use weekly in them.
Last but not least, we use the old clock.  It is a lot of fun working with and by these antiques. Surrounded by objects that remind me of the past, not to mention just fun to use.

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