Sunday, November 17, 2019


Some years back we were in a situation where our saws were not working. We did not have the money to do anything about it. I do not know why because of the years, but we had no way of having wood for our stoves that winter. The only source of heat at the time was our wood stoves.

We had no idea what we were going to do. I remember telling the Lord that we needed some means of getting wood. That he was the only one that could help us.

My hubby and my son decided one day after my prayer (which I had not told anyone) to take a different route home. If you ask them why they say they do not know why they did. The road was under these huge electric lines. There was a crew there cutting up juniper and putting it through a wood chipper.

My hubby and son asked them if they could have the wood they were cutting and they said yes. We think they were very relieved to not have to spend the time putting it through the chipper.

We brought truck load after truck load of wood home. We were not the only ones. While we were getting these loads a few others found out about it and they were supplied wood also free.

That wood lasted us a few years. The Lord always answers our prayers and when he says yes to a prayer, it is over and aboard what we have asked for.

The problem is Christians have to stop saying the word “I”. In other words we need to stop saying I can do this, or we can do this. We need to remember everything comes from the Lord and look to Him only. Of course we have to do our part. We still had to go get that wood and split it etc. But it is an attitude of looking to him for even the biggest or smallest thing in our lives. Not getting anxious about how “We” can do this but how will the Lord provide this so we can do it. We also have to realize He is God almighty and when we ask, we know He says yes or no and be satisfied with the answer. Look to Him for the way He wants our prayers answered. I so have to remind myself of this time and time again.

This picture of this truck is planted in my mind. There are so many pictures of how the Lord provided for us and still does. ASK the Lord for the answers!

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